The story of Curry Souls began when a Sri Lankan backpacker traveling through Europe decided to bring his love of Sri Lankan Street Food to Europe! Quitting his career back home while barley raising enough capital and going against the odds of brining this unknown flavour to the region, the first restaurant in Europe opened doors in Zagreb, Croatia in 2016. And BOOM! The Balkans loved it!!

Curry Souls Our Story

A unique concept where the best of authentic South-Asian Street Food from Sri Lanka served in a modern upbeat hip and funky restaurant ambiance. Catching attention of locals and travellers while becoming more popular day by day, the founder decided to turn the concept into a curry house franchise chain. Curry Souls was born!

Curry Souls Our Story

The first flagship Curry Souls Franchise store was launched in the buzzing city center of Belgrade, Serbia in the summer of 2023. Follow this story as it spreads its flavours and magic across Europe and beyond.

Our Mission

Bringing the incredible authentic flavours of South-Asian Street Food, into a modern western dining experience!

Our Vision

To be a globally known restaurant franchise chain known for making South-Asian food more accessible to the world!

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Curry Souls